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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for the Healthwise Program to help my sinus, allergy or skin problems?
Many people notice results within 2-3 days; others with more advanced or chronic conditions may take several weeks to notice improvement. Patience & persistence are important, plus the confidence that proper cleansing of hands, nose & eyes will almost always make a real difference in health.

Why do I need to use the Facial & Sinus Bath?
The Facial & Sinus Bath solution is for many the most exciting part of the Healthwise Program. It is an anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal solution that provides a safe, gentle, non-invasive first line of defense to help your immune system combat illness and prevent infection. It provides a feeling of cleanliness and healthiness in the face, eye area & nasal passages that is unique. This feeling is so energizing it must be tried to be believed. There is usually dramatic improvement in chronic sinus problems, stuffy nose, congestion, colds, flu, allergic rhinitis, acne & other skin conditions. Regular use of Facial & Sinus Bath is especially important when these problems are present.

The Facial & Sinus Bath serves several important functions: 

  •  Washes away germs, debris, air pollution, allergens and mucus from the nasal cavity;
  •  Washes the openings of all the paranasal sinuses that drain into the nasal cavity;
  •  Cleanses the facial skin, removing germs and helps the skin to overcome infections;

Why are the nasal passages and eyes so important?
The nasal passageways and eyes (through the tear ducts) are the easiest and most common pathways for viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites to enter the body. These are also the entry points for pollen, dust, and other allergens. The sinuses (frontal, maxillary, sphenoid & ethmoid) all drain into the large nasal sinus or passageway. The eyes, nose & sinuses are all connected to the respiratory tract. Common respiratory diseases account for 60% of all illnesses! An average adult has 3 to 4 upper respiratory infections per year and children average 6 to 8 a year.

Will Healthwise Products help my allergies? 
We are happy to say that many of our customers have reported dramatic relief from sinusitis & allergic rhinitis after regular use of these products. Many of the allergens that cause upper respiratory problems are inhaled through the nose, or transferred to the eyes and nose from the fingertips. By using Facial & Sinus Bath and the Luxury Hand & Body Soap on a daily basis, you are cleansing those allergens from your eyes, nose & fingertips

Is Healthwise a treatment to be used for only a few days when I’m sick, tired or troubled with sinus problems?
Certainly not–it is not a drug or medicine. Make the Facial & Sinus Bath and the Healthwise Soap a daily, healthy habit to provide long-term health benefits. Daily use helps to provide a defense against germs, viruses and fungus that helps your body to avoid illness. Our doctors feel it is more critical to long term good health and vitality than any number of over the counter medications or health food items. However; it is not a replacement for prescription drugs from your physician.

Can Healthwise help acne problems? 
Yes. Acne is a complex skin disorder which often involves an interaction between hormones, skin oils, fungus and/or bacteria. 
Using the Healthwise program faithfully, twice a day will usually help acne dramatically.

Are Healthwise products safe for children? 
Our products contain natural ingredients & are completely safe for all ages, even infants. Young children can enjoy using Healthwise products, when you make personal cleansing seem like a game. Four half droppers of Facial & Sinus Bath can be added to their bath water. This is added before the child enters the water and before soaping, since the soap deactivates the solution. If they have a cold, ask them to blow bubbles with their face in the water. This helps to clean their face and nose. ALWAYS SUPERVISE!

I may be allergic to iodine, can I use the Facial & Sinus Bath?
Very few people are actually allergic to iodine. If you suspect an allergy to iodine our doctors recommend you mix the Facial and Sinus Bath as directed and pour 1 cup over your arm. If you have no reaction you can use the Facial & Sinus Bath.

Will Healthwise help dry skin problems? 
Many people using Healthwise products have reported that their skin has obtained a healthy new glow & they no longer feel the need for body lotions. Healthwise products will not dry out the skin. The Luxury Hand & Body Soap is ideal for the rest of the body when used with the High Lather Skin Buff Sponge in the bath or shower. Its natural ingredients help the skin maintain proper biochemical, electrical & water balance and to stay healthy.

What is the relationship between hygiene and health? 
Though diet and exercise are both necessary for good health, proper hygiene is the foundation on which diet & exercise can effectively promote better health. During the past several hundred years of human history, many more people have died from poor hygiene & infectious disease than from poor diet & lack of exercise.

Are there side effects from using these products? 
None that we know of. But as with all substances in nature, a rare person may find an allergy to some ingredient. Some people may notice a slight tingling or burning in the nose or eye area the first few times they use these facial baths. In our experience this will disappear with regular use.

What is self-inoculation?
People just don’t become sick by randomly breathing in germs. In most cases, people make themselves sick by unintentionally inoculating themselves with infections as they rub their eyes or nose with their fingertips. This process is called self-inoculation. We all do it. Most people will rub their eyes or nose, or scratch their face twenty to fifty times a day! Even during sleep, self-inoculation occurs on a regular basis.

How is Healthwise Luxury Hand & Body Soap different from what I’m using now?
This is a revolutionary new way to wash your hands! The Healthwise Soap washes the critical fingernail area. This area under the fingernails accumulates dirt, oils, makeup, microscopic particles of skin, hair, saliva, sexual fluids, feces, cell debris and other self tissues. It is this material, combined with an enormous concentration of germs, that can be self-inoculated into the eyes & nose. The Healthwise Soap is just the right consistency to allow the soap to clean in and around the critical fingernail area

Will the soap tub spread germs if several people use the same one?
No. Extensive tests demonstrate that the soap stays germ-free, no matter how full of germs your hands may be, or how many people use the same tub

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